Navigate Global Markets: ITC’s Free Trade Tools for Export Success

The International Trade Center (ITC) offers a free tool that would benefit all exporters. These tools are available to all users in the European Union (EU) and developing countries such as the Philippines. 

Exporters can access the ITC Trade Map, Market Access Map, and other ITC market analysis online. The Trade Map is an online user-friendly application to analyze global trade flows, based on one of the largest trade flow databases in the world. It also aims to facilitate strategic market research, monitoring both national and product-specific trade performance, revealing comparative and competitive advantage, identifying the potential for market or product diversification, and designing and prioritizing trade development programs for both firms and trade support institutions. 

The Market Access Map is a valuable tool for exporters. It allows you to analyze market access conditions of certain products, comparing them with those of your competitors. It also provides customs tariff information for both importers and exporters, giving you a comprehensive view of the market. For more details, visit 

Exporters may visit the ITC Trade Map website at to access various features such as: 1) Explore seasonality in the target market, 2) Search for specific country’s company data, 3) Analyze the demand for your product and select an attractive market, 4) Analyze your country’s trade Performance, 5) Use graphs and maps to visualize your analysis and lastly 6) Define your own product and country groups according to your needs. 

When using these ITC free tools, users are required to create an account to download the data (either PDF or Excel format). However, full access requires a subscription with associated fees. You can access the frequently asked questions at: and 

Ms. Ma. Divine Grace T. Derez of the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) highlighted the immense value of the ITC’s free online tools, such as Trade Map and Market Access Map. She emphasized how these tools can help exporters create and expand export markets, conduct market research, and target specific markets. Derez further elaborated on how to start and utilize these tools at no cost during the recent General Membership Meeting of the Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (PHILEXPORT). 

The Trade Map and Market Access Map were developed by the ITC, a partnered agency of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). To learn more about Philippine exports, email your queries to and AOB

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