The EDC  Secretariat serves as the support staff of the Council, ExCom and the  Networking Committees in the exercise of their functions. The Secretariat is  based in the premises of the Department of Trade and Industry – Trade and Investments Promotion  Group and is headed by an official designated by the Chairman of the Council.  Its personnel comes from the government agencies and private sector represented  in the Council

Mr. Senen M. Perlada
Executive Director

Ms. Elsa Dela Paz-Valenzuela
Deputy Executive Director

Ms. Grace T. Mirasol
Policy Advocacy Officer
(Networking  Committee on Financing/ Networking Committee on Human Resource Development)

Ms. Kent Joy R. Covita
Policy Advocacy Officer
(Networking  Committee on Transport and Logistics)

Ms. Asnia  R. Bayabao
Policy Advocacy Officer
(Networking Committee on Trade Policies and Procedures Simplifications)

Ms. Ma. Divine Grace  T. Derez
Policy Advocacy Officer
(Council and Executive Committee/Networking Committee on Legislative Advocacy and Monitoring)

Ms. Piercy Kieth  Cezar
Policy Advocacy Officer
(Philippine Export Development Plan)

Ms. Marife G. Largo
Systems Associate and Travel Tax Exemption Officer

Ms. Glenda B. Nillama
Administrative Assistant