Networking Committees

The Networking Committees (NCs) are the venues by which policy reforms and recommendations dealing with structural problems and Marco level issues (i.e., issues that cut across most sectors) are addressed. Each NC is composed of: a Chairperson who is a recognized leader from the private sector; committee consultants who are experts in their particular fields and practitioners from relevant government agencies.

Policy Officers of the EDC Secretariat are also assigned to each committee to assist in all undertakings that include, but are not limited to, networking with critical agencies, formulation of the policy agenda and options, conduct of meetings, research and projects.

  1. Define the ideal policy environment in its sphere if concern and continuously assess the existing policy situation against the ideal environment.
  2. Identify short, medium and long-term policy initiatives to produce existing policies towards the ideal environment.
  3. Prepare and oversee the implementation of research and advocacy programs in support of items one and two, which may involve, but are not limited to, the following activities:

    a. Institution of mechanism for emerging policy concerns
    b. Conduct of studies and advocacy
    c. Preparation and dissemination of advocacy materials
    d. Formulation of periodic targets for policy reforms and
    e. Drafting of issuance for possible executive and legislative enactment

  4. Monitor and update the Council on policy developments and their impact on export performance.

In its meetings, the Committees steer the diverse views and activities of various agencies toward export development. Policy action targets are thus set and progresses every meeting.