Executive Summary

PEDP 2018-2022 and Ambisyon 2040

The starting point for PEDP 2018-22 is the Philippine Development
Plan (PDP) ‘s (2017-2022) end-period target for exports of goods
and services of US $ 122 Billion to US $ 130.8 Billion representing
low and high ends of the target. The task for PEDP 2018-22 is
determining the feasibility of the targets that would synchronize
the PEDP with the 6-year program of the Duterte administration
(the PEDP 2018-22 five-year timetable is to catch up with PDP).
The exports targets are seen to significantly contribute to short
to medium term development objectives in the PDP and in
ensuring they are integral to the long-term vision of the country as
Ambisyon 2040. Thus instead of the usual PEDP as 3-year rolling
plan under the Export Development Act (RA 7844) the PEDP
2018-22 extends until the end-period of the PDP. This effectively
makes the PEDP integral to the medium-term plan in PDP. As
such the scan for its horizon should consider new developments
in industry and services that may affect their trade either during
the 5-year plan or beyond. In fact these developments become
more critical if the PDP and PEDP are to effectively contribute to
attaining the long-term vision in Ambisyon 2040

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