National Export Congress 2020

This year’s event aims to look at how some export companies navigated their way to adapt to the abrupt digital transformation, what business model did they use, what best practices they have applied, lessons learned from their experience in trying to keep their businesses going in spite of the pandemic and what they think the future holds for them, In addition, we also need to find out how successful businesses and exporters leveraged on their digital transformation strategies and activities, foster their innovations by developing new systems and improving their current digital

In other words, we should look at those companies who took their chances by embracing the shift of the changing business landscape towards a post COVID-19 world. How did they equip themselves with the advance knowledge and technology? Did they have business continuity plans
in place as a means of their survival? What’s their formula for resilience? We need to hear their stories- their stories of survival, recovery and eesilience and what their plans are as the country now moves towards the resurgence phase.

Hence, there is now a need to examine our current business models, organizational structures, processes and evaluate their relevance in the midst of the changing economic and social environment. Therefore, businesses need to reconsider how they do their business and come up
with new operating models that will help them move forward towards the “new normal” with a renewed business mindset. It can be challenging for businesses in these most difficult of times to go back up and rescale their business operations, for gone are the days of relying on brick and mortar operations.

Finally, what policy reforms our government laid out as the country, its people and its businesses are trying to survive the pandemic? What solutions were developed to address the worst health crisis the world and our country has ever had, one that carries an economic crisis on its back.

In terms of digitization, e-commerce, financing and credit, trade facilitation, transport and logistics and the likes, what has the government done to help the country survive this far and is it really prepared to lead the country for the long road to recovery, resilience and resurgence? What were the plans to boost the economy and invigorate the export sector as a niche for rebuilding our nation?

All these will be answered come the National Export Congress on 03 December 2020. As this will be the first ever virtual National Export Congress, we are hoping that it will be as memorable as the last one.