Powers and Functions

Approve the Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP) for its submission to and approval by the president and its       integration into the medium-term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP)

    • Periodically review and assess the country’s export performance, problems and prospects
    • Identify the main bottlenecks, problem areas and constraints in all areas/sectors/activities which influence the development of exports
    • Mandate specific departments and agencies to attend to the bottlenecks and problems constraining the development of exports
    • Ensure export quality control by overseeing the formulation and implementation of quality control guidelines
    • Impose sanctions on any government agency or officer or employee or private sector entity that impedes efficient exportation of Philippine goods
    • Recommend to congress any proposed legislation that would contribute to the development of exports
    • Submit quarterly reports to congress
    • Conduct continuing studies on policies and recommend measures relative to the rationalization of the government’s export promotion and development
    • Formulate the policies for the granting of  incentives to exporters
    • Adopt such policies, rules, procedures and administrative systems Grant and review the accreditation of the organization of exporters
    • Issue Standards And Policies to be observed By Local Government Units (LGUS) in order to:
      • Ensure that LGUS’ plans and budgets are supportive of  agri-industrial growth and export competitiveness thrusts of the national  government; and
      • Ensure optimal allocation of expenditures