The Philippine Export Development Plan

R.A. 7844 or the Export Development Act of 1994 mandates the DTI to prepare the Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP), a rolling 3-year plan which forms part of the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan, now referred to as the Philippine Development Plan.  Pursuant to Article II, Section 5 of RA 7844, any proposed PEDP requires the approval by the President of the Republic of the Philippines upon the recommendation of the Export Development Council.

The PEDP shall define the country’s medium-term an annualized export thrusts, strategies, programs and projects and shall be jointly implemented by the government, exporters and other concerned sectors. Consistent with the IRR of RA 7844, the DTI leads in the formulation of the PEDP in consultation with the private sector, with the Export Marketing Bureau as the Secretariat.

In the most recent edition of the PEDP (2015-2017), an export model that will serve as framework for a PEDP can be applied  in succeeding planning periods.