Priority Legislative Agenda


(17th Congress)

  1. In affirming PEDP 2015-2017 Strategy 2: Remove unnecessary regulatory impediments to the movement of goods and delivery of services, the following policy measures shall be adopted:

a. Creation of the Government Efficiency Office (GEO) as the central coordinating body for regulatory management to improve the quality of regulations and reduce regulatory burden; (Senate Bill 348)

b. Other Ease of Doing Business measures such as streamlining of procedures and documentations and rationalizing fees

2. In affirming PEDP 2015-2017 Strategy 5: Improve exporters’ access to trade finance, the Magna Carta for MSMEs (RA 9501) shall be amended to seek direct full implementation and to provide a 10-year extension to the mandatory lending provision of the said law.

3. The enactment of the National Quality Infrastructure Policy which aims to address gaps in technical regulations and infrastructure particularly issues affecting health and safety

4. The following policy reforms shall be made to achieve effective reduction of export and import freight shipping cost:

a. Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Charters Amendments 

b. Repeal of Presidential Decree (PD) 1221 to allow Philippine owned and/or registered vessels to undertake repairs and dry-docking with any registered ship repair yards even outside the country

5. The National Internal Revenue Code and other taxation policies shall be revisited and made responsive to the needs of the export sector and other strategic industries.

Senate Bill 1019 – Exempting micro and small enterprises from the payment of percentage tax which seeks to facilitate a simplified tax procedure for small businesses;

Opposition to House Bill 2922 (Excise Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages) since it might hamper the growth of the industry and increase costs to businesses;

6. Related monetary and fiscal policies shall be reviewed for possible amendment to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of exports

7. In rationalizing the country’s Fiscal Incentive Policy, priority shall be given to the promotion of export sector to make them competitive.