Philippine Accession on the ATA Carnet
Temporary Admission of Goods

The Department of Finance (DOF) revised reservations on the annexes of the Convention on Temporary Admission were transmitted to the
Department of Foreign Affairs-Office of the Legal Affairs (DFA-OTLA) last 22 January 2021. The OTLA already conveyed their comments to the
DFA-United Nations and International Organizations (UNIO) which handles policy coordination relevant with DOF.

The DFA-UNIO already sent a clarificatory letter to DOF last 09 February 2021 on the revised reservations. DOF is currently crafting their response to DFA.

TradeNet System and Inter-Agency Business
Process Interoperability (IABPI) Project

ARTA is finalizing the draft Memorandum Circular on the mandatory onboarding of the Trade Regulatory Government Agencies (TRGAs) to the
TradeNet. A training manual will be attached to the aforesaid circular which provides the procedures and estimated timeline of onboarding
activities that each agency might consume.

PNP on Controlled Chemicals

PNP Chief Sinas signed and transmitted the memorandum dated 18 February 2021 to DILG Secretary for the approval of the Terms of
Reference (TOR) on the institutionalization of the Research and Development (R&D) Team for the evaluation and determination of explosive potential of new chemicals.

DENR Water Quality Guidelines and General Effluent Standards of 2016

The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) is finalizing the Technical Working Group (TWG) that will facilitate the resolutions on the five parameters of
concerns (Dissolved Copper, Sulfate, Boron, Phosphate, and Ammonia-Nitrogen) under the DAO 2016-08.

DENR prioritized possible amendment to thecopper concern considering the submission of positions from affected associations last 22 February 2021. The remaining four parameters will undergo further discussions with the TWG.