DOF-BOC-ARTA headways onboarding activities of the 18 priority agencies in TradeNet

Moreover, onboarding activities for the remaining 46 TRGAs are set until 2022. This was presented by DOF during the TradeNet’s 3rd National Steering Committee-Technical Working Group Meeting held on 31 August 2021.

Aside from the onboarding milestones, ARTA is engaging with the Land Bank of the Philippines to integrate the TradeNet platform and portal. This will facilitate e-payment transactions on TradeNet. The use of PayMaya was also considered.

TradeNet will reduce cost and processing time in submitting and processing trade documents. It will also boost our country’s export competitiveness in the global market and advance our rank in trading across borders. The Export Development Council also lauds DOF, BOC and ARTA for the successful onboarding of the six new government regulatory agencies –MRJ

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