DOF-BOC-ARTA headways onboarding activities of the 18 priority agencies in TradeNet

The Department of Finance (DOF), Bureau of Customs (BOC), together with the Anti-red Tape Authority (ARTA) headways the onboarding activities of the eighteen (18) trade regulatory priority agencies in TradeNet; Six (6) of which were recently onboarded which include BAFS, SRA, FPA, EMB, NMIS and OMB. These agencies are still finalizing their module manuals, operational guidelines, and helpdesk in preparation for their live implementation. The TradeNet Steering Committee also pledged to include another twelve (12) agencies to onboard by September 2021.  

BOC mandates onboarding of TRGA’s to TradeNet by March 2021

EDC lauds the pronouncement made by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) AOCG Deputy Commissioner Edward Dy Buco that stakeholders can expect enhanced trade facilitation with the Bureau in 2021.  He added that the Commissioner assures its support towards export growth by prioritizing export-related activities in the Bureau’s 10-Point Priority Program for the upcoming year.

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