Empowering Women Across Borders

To empower women across borders” was the common objective during the meeting hosted by Alyansa Agrikultura on 11 December 2023, which involves the Women’s Business Council Philippines, Inc (WBC) seeking support for the Pambansang Koalisyon ng Kababaihan sa Kanayunan (PKKK) (also known as the National Rural Women’s Coalition).“T

WBC Philippines, comprised of leading women business leaders and entrepreneurs, supported the PKKK, a coalition of 426 organizations in 42 provinces.

 The WBC and PKKK work jointly to pursue their common objective of women’s economic empowerment and eliminating the women’s urban-rural divide. Recognizing the pressing need to bridge the gap between urban and rural women, the two influential groups have decided to pool their resources, expertise, and networks to effect positive change on a national scale.

The WBC has long been at the forefront of championing gender equality in the business landscape. Their involvement in this collaborative effort underscores their commitment to extending this advocacy beyond the urban confines and into the heart of rural communities.

The PKKK mission centers around the upliftment of rural women, addressing the unique challenges they face and striving for equitable opportunities in various sectors.

During the meeting, concrete strategies have been devised to address the specific issues faced by women in both urban and rural settings. This collaboration aims to create sustainable initiatives that will provide economic opportunities, education, and support systems tailored to the diverse needs of women across the country.

One key focus area is education and skill development. By investing in programs that equip women with the skills needed for various industries, the alliance aims to break down barriers that have traditionally limited women’s access to certain professions.

Recognizing that access to resources is a pivotal factor in economic empowerment, the collaboration seeks to facilitate women’s access to financial resources, markets, and technology. This involves creating networks and pathways connecting rural and urban communities, fostering shared growth.

Through targeted initiatives, the alliance aims to level the playing field, ensuring that women, regardless of their geographical location, have equal opportunities to thrive in their chosen fields. PKC

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