DTI-EMB conducts UE on “Understanding the EO 1016” for seamless governance

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In the last Usapang Export (UE) for 2023, Mr. Franclem Peña, Export Counsellor of DTI – Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB), presented for a better understanding of the Overview and Highlights of EO 1016 and the Inter-Agency Committee (IAC) and its Process: Validation of Trade Regulatory Government Agencies (TRGA’s) Regulations. He also underscores Presidential Decree No. 930, signed on 13 May 1976, on the “Simplifying Export Procedures and Documentation by Realigning Functions of Certain Government Offices/Agencies involved in Processing Export Documents, by Authorizing the Issuance of Periodic Clearances, by the Adoption of Standardized Export Documents, and for Other Purposes.” 

The said PD 930 features the Coverage, Inspection and Issuance of Commodity Clearance, Re-alignment of Functions, Periodic Commodity Clearances, Inspection Fees, Resolution of Issues and Administration, Review Power, and Export Procedure Simplification and Documentation. 

Moreover, he emphasized Executive Order (EO) 1016, which was signed on March 25, 1985, about the Withdrawing the Inspection, Commodity, and Export Clearance Requirements on Philippine Exports which it features the Withdrawal of All inspection, commodity, and export clearance requirements on the Philippine commodity exports are hereby dispensed with, except the following:

(1) Those required as a result of the existence of import quotas in other countries, such as garments and sugar;

(2) Those covering items which are banned for exports;

(3) Those covering exports of logs, copper, and coffee; and

(4) Those covered by international agreements to which the Philippines is a signatory.

Further, He added the Reinstatement of inspection, commodity, and export clearance requirements previously with TRGAs is hereby dispensed with the Creation of the IAC on EO 1016, its Authority and Functions, and the List of Prohibited and Regulated Products, which was based on the implementing rules and regulations of EO No. 1016. 

The UE also featured DTI-EMB’s Services and Programs, TRGA’s submitted New and Updated Regulations, EMB’s research on TRGA’s existing regulations, and Commitment Setting on the Proposed Next Steps/ Outline for seamless governance. 

The last UE for 2023 was held on December 13, 2023, at the DTI International Building, Makati City. Most government agencies actively participated in the discussion, with their clarifications on specific issues and concerns answered during the open forum. JVL

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