SIRI: Move toward Digital Transformation

Living in the modern era, moving forward is one of the ways to elevate and survive different industries in this generation. The manufacturing sector, for instance, is already moving towards digital transformation.  In this line, the World Economic Forum introduces one of its projects, the SIRI: Smart Industry Readiness Index. It is a framework and tool that will help the manufacturers to continue and move forward toward digital transformation.

SIRI The smart Industry Readiness Index comprises a suite of frameworks and tools to help manufacturers – regardless of size and industry – start, scale, and sustain their manufacturing transformation journey. The program has 4 step transformation journeys. The overall goal of the SIRI is to help companies to learn new concepts, evaluate their facilities, architect a transformation roadmap, and deliver results that will develop their business. Since 2017 the program has already empowered over 1000 manufacturers worldwide.

In global status, according to the World Economic Forum, SIRI has been adopted internationally by both multinational corporations and SMEs, with more than 600 manufacturing companies across more than 30 different countries have completed the Official SIRI Assessment (OSA). The OSA will provide an individual view of the manufacturing operations by qualified SIRI Assessors or the CSA. The assessors are industry practitioners that are trained to conduct accurately, effectively, and objectively. 

The complete process of the OSA is about 2 days. In chronological order to start in Phase 1 Onboarding; approximately an hour call that the assessor will ask about the company profile to fully understand the manufacturing system. Followed by phase 2 Evaluation, the assessors will visit the company to conduct a workshop with the supervisors and survey the facilities. The last Phase 3 is Debriefing. It is the review of the findings and knowing the next stage. After all of the processes, the company receives the official SIRI Assessment Report that will state the current state of the facility, areas for improvement, and how you will benchmark against other players in the industry. The Official SIRI Assessment is easy and has a big impact on the company and it can contribute greatly to its operations. The overall cost of this process is FREE. It is open to every company that is willing to move forward toward digital transformation. To learn more and be part of this global initiative, please visit the INCIT website or contact the Program Leads: Maria Basso / Ben Ong

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