Revitalizing Supply Chains: DTI’s Strategic Roadmap for a Thriving Philippines

Undersecretary Mary Jean Pacheco addressed the Logistics Summit 2024, outlining key Supply Chain and Logistics Issues in the Philippines, such as Infrastructure, Skills, Land, Sea, Air, and Digitalization. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) responded by launching initiatives to (1) Ensure accessible and affordable food, (2) Implement targeted interventions for priority industries, and (3) Foster industries meeting domestic demand.

To tackle food accessibility and affordability, DTI devised a Three-Year Food Logistics Action Agenda, endorsed in August 2023. This agenda focuses on optimizing food distribution, reducing transport costs, enhancing logistics infrastructure, and strengthening enforcement against malpractices. It also emphasizes leveraging ICT for efficiency.

Industry Clusters overseen by DTI’s Regional Operations Group (ROG) include Bamboo, Coffee, Processed Fruits and Nuts, Rubber, Salt, High-Value Coco Products, Palm Oil, and Wearable and Homestyles. Roadmaps have been developed to support these clusters.

Furthermore, ROG prioritizes nurturing industries that meet domestic demand, especially those producing basic necessities and prime commodities (BNPCs). Efforts include supply chain mapping, enhancing Pinoy brands, and supporting existing investors in offering affordable BNPCs.

For more information, visit the DTI Regional Operations Group Facebook Page or contact them directly at (02) 751 3334 and PKC

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