SCMAP advocates to abort NORTHPORT’s New Berthing Procedure due to doubling costs

The Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP) advocates to abort NORTHPORT’s new berthing procedure as it doubles the costs of doing business making the prices of goods more expensive for the consumers. 

Accordingly, this new berthing procedure compels all container vessels to berth at the Terminal 1 of the NORTHPORT, and imposes the use of their quay cranes regardless if the ship has its own crane. The cranage fee summates up to Php 1,587 (VAT inclusive) for 10 and 20 footer containers, hence adding 88% more to the current cargo handling rate of Php 1,800. This added cost and procedure is contrary to the ease of doing business.

The group appealed that the fees imposed must be justified for the modernization effort. However, the cost must be affordable and should not result in the added process and cost. SCMAP Executive Director Ms. Corazon Curay revealed the group’s sentiment on this advocacy during the EDC Networking Committee on Transport and Logistics meeting last 28 July 2020. KJDA

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