New regulations to be implemented on food product exports to China

China heightened food safety management measures through the issuance of the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) Decree nos. 248 and 249. Overseas producers of food exports to China shall abide by these regulations to obtain GACC certification. This means “No GACC certificate, No import to China”. This said policy will be implemented on 01 January 2022. 

Overseas manufacturers, processors, and storage facilities must register with the Chinese authorities to get the certification and have an approved registration number with 5 years validity. The registration number must be indicated on the transport and sales unit packaging of the food products for exports to China. 

Decree no. 248 identified the two food product categories while Decree no. 249 specified the procedure and documentary requirements. There are 18 food products under category 1 that will be registered through the competent authority. Other products not listed under category 1 will form part of category 2 that must be self-registered. Kinds of products include aquatic, dairy, meat, and bird’s nest. Food additives and food-related products are exempted.

GACC launched for producers to self-register their products. Producers whose products fall under category 1 may also access the same website by using the system account provided by the competent authority.

Exporters were able to clarify points on the type of registration, food product category, application process and requirements, monitoring process, labeling and packaging concerns, etc. during the Usapang Exports session on 03 December 2021, conducted by the DTI-EMB, EDC, and PHILEXPORT, as part of the National Exporters Week celebration.MRJ

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