European Union to accept export with preferential tariff only from registered exporters starting January 2021

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) clarified that the European Union Registered Exporters (EU REx) registration will continue.  However, BOC can no longer issue the CO Form A for preferential tariff rates.  The EU member countries will no longer honor the said form starting 01 January 2021, as the EU REx System is already in effect since July 2020.

 Hence, importers from Europe dealing with unregistered PH exporters whose cargoes are to arrive in the EU at the start of the year will not benefit from preferential tariffs.  This development makes PH exports less competitive if not addressed.  Therefore, exporters planning to expand its market in Europe must first check if their export goods are qualified under the new system. The PH exporter must register in the EU REx for the European importer to benefit from preferential tariff rates.
Procedural guidelines for the EU REx application are stipulated under the Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) 50-2019.  BOC evaluates first if the export goods being applied under the EU REx are qualified for the benefits.  Applicants such as traders, producers, and manufacturers must fill out the application form at the Exporters shall submit the said form to BOC thru email together with the following attachments: 1) Unique Reference Number (for PEZA locators)/ Client Profile Registration System (for non-PEZA locators), and 2) Product Evaluation Report (for manufactured goods using imported raw materials).
For additional information and technical assistance on EU REx registration, exporters may coordinate with the BOC Export Division at the Port of Manila or DTI-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) thru their email addresses: or –MRJ

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