EDC and Industry Leaders support full investment liberalization outside of the natural monopolies

The Export Development Council (EDC) manifests its support on the full investment liberalization outside of the natural monopolies through a joint statement of support with the Industry Leaders, namely the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (PHILEXPORT), Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), and Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP).

With the group mentioned, EDC strongly opposes moves to return transportation, telecommunication, and power generation back to the definition of Public Utilities.

Relative to the amendment of the Public Service Act (PSA), a discourse was raised in Congress about the security and foreign influence concerns. The group suggested Congress to undertake safeguard measures and strengthen government institutions to ensure that our sovereign interests remain upheld.

EDC through its Networking Committee on Transport and Logistics (NCTL) persistently advocates for the amendment of the PSA. One salient feature of the amendment is clearly defining the public utilities. With the amendment, public services will be free from restrictions that should only apply to the operation of public utilities. This will redound to facilitate greater competition and investment in the transportation sector for better services and lower costs, to support the flow of goods and services, for the growth of national exports.KJDA 

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