Customs implements globally accredited ‘AEO Program’ thru CMO 9-2020

In response for the country’s commitment to the World Customs Organization SAFE framework, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) issued CMO 9-2020 “Implementing the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Program Established Under CAO 5-2017 for Importers and Exporters” last 16 March 2020. Said memorandum revokes, amends, or modifies CMO 11-2012 and CMO 14-2013 to further beef up the AEO program.

Approval of the stakeholders’ application is based upon obtaining the criteria, followed by the submission of necessary documents in the AEO portal which will soon be accessible at the BOC website.
Moreover, an AEO office is to be established to fully implement and monitor the components of its mandate: Cargo Security System, Trade Clearance Facility, and Mutual Recognition Arrangement.

An AEO member, can be accredited into three (3) levels, to be entitled of privileges, benefits, and exemptions depending on the level applied for.

Implementation of this internationally recognized accreditation, the AEO program, heightened the importers/exporters standards in the global market. -MRJ 

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