Consumer demand for healthier food ingredients

Exporters foresee consumer demand for healthier food ingredients trending in the next two years as London-based market research firm Mintel Group Ltd forecasted consumers will demand food ingredients that will benefit their physical and mental health. Consumers are now seeking ways to help strengthen their immune system and protect them against the Covid-19 virus.

Based on Mintel’s research, probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics will be the next frontier ingredients in products that can play a functional role for foods and drinks to help consumers support their immune system by keeping their digestive healthy.

It is also vital for the food industry to leverage products/ comfort foods to help the consumers focus, relax, and cope with stress and anxiety.  Healthy diets can also be used as a strategy against chronic diseases, which will urge low sugar, low sodium, and plant-centric products.

Mintel also highlighted that diabetes is one of the fastest-growing health challenges and suggest the following: (1) combine sugar reduction claims with complimentary nutrition benefits (high fiber or protein), (2) use beans that are rich in soluble fiber and low-GI to help improve insulin insensitivity, also, (3) low sugar dairy products can be leveraged as an affordable nutrition solution from many markets.

Five years later, the perception will evolve from “better for you” to “better for us” healthy practices. Mintel added that trends on Nutrition, Health, and Wellness will focus on (a) good diets for the greater good, (b) affordable nutrition as a form of social justice, (c) sustainable foods for all, especially the sustainable systems. –PKC

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