CBW Automated Inventory Management System (AIMS) to go live on 18 July 2022

In line with the full implementation of CMO 20-2021 and AOCG Memo No. 199-2022, Assessment and Operations Coordinating Group Deputy Commissioner Edward James Dy Buco issued AOCG Memo 229-2022, directing all Collection districts and offices concerned to the full implementation of the Automated Inventory Management System (AIMS) as it will go live on 18 July 2022.

The customs operations officer shall process the Warehousing Goods Declaration SAD (WAD) accepted in the E2M System. They must ensure that all CBWs are registered in the AIMS. Additionally, the AIMS was created to enhance CBWs and ease the job of paperwork, manual encoding, and sorting, incorrect cargo releases, non-visibility of cargo status for importers, and slow reporting. It is also mandated to generate real-time and accurate information on the status of goods received, stored, and withdrawn from off-dock and off-terminal accredited customs facilities and warehouses.

The AIMS website can be accessed 24/7 at https://imsportal.eschost2.com or on the BOC website. It is in addition to BOC’s shift to an Electronic-to-mobile system to keep up with the modernization and computerization of processes for the ease of business of the exporters. Through the EDC Networking Committee on Trade Policies and Procedures Simplification (NCTPPS), the private stakeholders clamored for the reduction of the P160.00 fee of AIMS by at least 50% to lessen the cost of doing business. The Cargo Data Exchange Inc. (CDEC), being the sole AIMS provider, is formulating its response together with the Bureau of Customs (BOC) on the request to lower the said fee. This advocacy is much anticipated  to be resolved to promote ease of exporters businesses.AGPM

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