BOC grants certified exporters to self-certify CO application under the AWSC scheme

The ASEAN Wide Self Certification Scheme (AWSC) allows exporters, who have proven their competence, to be eligible for the preferential treatment under the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA) through self-certification. As such, application of the Certificate of Origin (CO) Form D is no longer required once an exporter qualified the Certified Exporters (CE) status. However, e-Form D and paper-based Form D will still be used by the exporters who have not acquired the CE status. This will bring practical benefits, reducing cost and shipment delays, in processing export cargoes even during non-work hours and weekends.  

The Bureau of Customs’ Export Coordination Division (BOC-ECD) will recommend to the BOC Assessment and Operations Coordinating Group (AOCG) to grant exporters the CE statusEligibility criteria includes the exporter/signatory of the certificate to have an in-depth knowledge about the Rules of Origin (ROO) procedures. CE are obliged to submit a quarterly summary report of all Origin Declarations to the ECD. 

Interested exporters may file their CE application personally or electronically in the BOC’s Customer Care Center (CCC). The complete list of documentary requirements and procedures can be found under the CMO 24-2020 ‘Guidelines in the Implementation of the ASEAN Wide Self-Certification Scheme’ as presented during the One Country, One Voice webinar conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry-Bureau of International Trade Relations (DTI-BITR) on 28 October 2020. -MRJ

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